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Oct 7, 2009

Recorded Monday 5. October, 2009


Michael Neale (Info, @michaelneale),
Max Rydahl Andersen (Info, @maxandersen)
Emmanuel Bernard (Info, @emmanuelbernard)
Guest: Aaron Walker, Base2Services, @aaronwalker

Music by Real Rice License Art Libre 1.3

Direct download .mp3 and .ogg

Follow up from last week:

"JBoss asylum podcast is likely a hit at home.
My wife will love the french accent..." - @sherod
"@maxandersen if you could great "Belinda" in
Danish next podcast, I'll let u know how it goes :)" - @sherod

http://asylum.jboss.orgnow our official home

Interview with Aaron Walker

JBoss AS 2 (no link possible ;)
JBoss Messaging
Aaron and Emmanuel's talk at JavaOne
Drools Fusion

Short news

JBoss Google summer of codeproject roundups:
Drools refactoring : blog and Wiki
Hibernate Search - alternate storage and replication mechanisms (in-memory, infinispan, jms)
Trustin + Bayeux (comet)
General Google Summer Of Code

Teiid release (they had a release recently, I think - yes, and they showed Hibernate integration by having a dialect + support for jdbc metadata)

JBoss Developer Studio released (with update site)

Australian, Danish and Belgian beer.

Java 5 END OF LIFE in October

Local conferences:

6nd October, 11:30 - 12:30, Hardy speaking about Hibernate Search at JAOO,

15th October, JUG from Marseille will host Emmanuel.

27th October, Casalogic are doing a JBoss Developer Day near Copenhagen, Max doing hands on and theory all day (phew!)

3rd November, Michael in Singapore in November for a Red Hat/Jboss and partners technical summit

25th to the 27th November, Michael at in Brisbane (talks on CEP (drools) and Scala)

Emmanuel at W-JAX (Munich) on Bean Validation, JPA 2 and Hibernate Search
Emmanuel at JavaEdge (Israel) on Bean Validation
Emmanuel at Devoxx (Antwerp, Belgium) a university talk on Hibernate Search (3hrs)

These and other events shows up at

Adam Warski
almost fourteen years ago


the idea is great, but what you could do to make it even better is upload the podcast to some service which enables tagging (or embed such a player), so that you could mark a point in time where eg \"Emmanuel talks about Hibernate Search\", \"Aaron talks about AS2\" etc, so that it would be easy to skip subjects which you are not interested in.

1:20 is a lot of time, and most of the audience will probably be already familiar with some projects you are talking about.